Master Bedroom 010

Accomplished interior designer Anastasia gravitated towards all things beautiful since she was a child. Her never-ending curiosity and an exuberant spirit, all of which infuse her design approach and style.

Before starting her own interior design company in 2016, Anastasia spent several years in Architecture and over a decade in the Interior Design Industry. She has designed a vast array of residential and small commercial properties in the UK and Overseas.

Anastasia draws her inspiration from an eclectic mix of elegance, mid-century modern, contemporary designs, and proportion. She is passionate about architectural lighting, considering it key to any project.

When it comes to details, for Anastasia it is all about layering, structural contrast and sourcing ideal accessories, art, furniture pieces and materials.

Her ability to interpret the clients, allows her to diffuse their personalities within each project and guides them towards unexpected possibilities of beauty.